Waterless (Dry) Carpet Cleaning



Our most pop­u­lar ser­vice is the water­less dry car­pet clean­ing. We use the Host Cleaning tech­nol­ogy that gives instant results with no dry­ing time and a much deeper clean­ing than other meth­ods. All chem­i­cals used are safe for you, your chil­dren, your prop­erty, your pets, and the envi­ron­ment. This means all chem­i­cals are green sealed certified.

The dry clean­ing method restores your car­pet back like new. This method is tougher on stains, spots and spills and never have to wick back. We rec­om­mend you don’t steam your car­pet again until you try this dry method. Test proves that our Host Dry method reduces dust mite aller­gen by 89%, cat aller­gens by 85%, and mold spores by 97%.

With this dry sys­tem car­pet can be cleaned:

  • Before and after the party.
  • Before and after the holiday.
  • Before and after the guests.

Want to save water and energy? Have kids and can’t wait to dry or just need to refresh your car­pet? Discover the “Dry” Advantage.

BDC Services Dry Carpet Cleaning Benefits

  1. Odor removal
  2. Carpet pile lifting
  3. Prevaccuming
  4. Deeper clean­ing
  5. No water use
  6. No wait to dry
  7. Quick move in
  8. Water and energy savings
  9. Increases occu­pancy retention
  10. Eliminates mold & mildew
  11. Total car­pet restoration
  12. Savings on Capital Expenses
  13. Satisfied and happy residents
  14. Green Seal Certified
  15. Saves car­pet fibers and length­ens life of carpet

leaf_400_internal1         GO DRY AND GO GREEN!