Steam Carpet Cleaning


With our lat­est and pow­er­ful portable steam car­pet clean­ing machine, we are able to bring even old car­pet back to look­ing new and fresh. Unlike the tra­di­tion truck mount with all the has­sles and restric­tions, we offer the portable steam extrac­tor with a steam tem­per­a­ture of up to 212F.

This portable unit makes it eas­ier to clean enclosed and secured build­ings like banks, hotels, the­aters, and highly secured build­ings with­out leav­ing doors or win­dows opened.

With the advan­tage oP1070346f easy mobil­ity with this portable machine, we can move to any floor of a build­ing with­out los­ing any suc­tion or power ensur­ing a bet­ter and secured clean­ing. We vac­uum all car­pet prior to steam clean­ing in order to get most of the dry dirt out before steam­ing. In most cases, our steam extrac­tion takes less than two hours to dry. All chem­i­cals are green seal approved.