Stain Removal

Stains & Carpet Protector


Stains, Spot & Spills Remover

Sometimes, stains in a car­pet can be a bit chal­leng­ing and hard to deal with. We at BDC ser­vices are stains and odor removal spe­cial­ist. We don’t guar­an­tee all stain removals but at the same time, we work hard to remove 99% of your stub­born stains. Stains can eas­ily be removed when treated within a very short time. Meaning the longer it stays and neglected, the harder it is to be removed completely.

Most of our reg­u­lar clean­ing processes will remove most of your com­mon stains on the car­pet or upholstery.

Carpet Protector

We pro­vide effec­tive car­pet pro­tec­tors such as 3M Scotchgard, Teflon and other pow­er­ful fab­ric and fiber pro­tec­tors to help keep your car­pet and uphol­stery from fast re-soiling, spot, spills and stains.

These pro­tec­tors help pro­tect against both oil and water based stains.

They also help break­down stains and make them more eas­ily removed when clean­ing your car­pet or upholstery.

Protecting your valu­able car­pets or uphol­stery will keep them cleaner, longer.

Stains, spots, and spills are gone forever!