Odor Control


From time to time even the best fam­ily pets may acci­dents in the home dam­age car­pets and uphol­stery.  BDC Services offers qual­ity pet stain and odor removal treat­ments to take care of those issues.

Pet Odor Removal Process and Pet Odor Control

When urine soaks beneath the car­pet to the padding and the floor beneath, the pet odor is con­sid­ered to be multi-layered. In these severe cases, the pet urine smell can affect the whole house. Our expert tech­ni­cians use a sub-surface extrac­tion method and spe­cial neu­tral­iz­ers to effec­tively elim­i­nate pet urine and pet odor from your carpet.

​Why use BDC Services for Pet Odor Removal?

Many stan­dard home treat­ments may tem­porar­ily elim­i­nate odors and stains; how­ever, they all can cre­ate addi­tional prob­lems.  Overly sat­u­rat­ing areas with prod­uct and not being able to access the var­i­ous lay­ers of the floor­ing may cause mold growth and attract a heav­ier stain build up. Our experts use spe­cially for­mu­lated solu­tion in our guar­an­teed pet odor removal ser­vice. Each stain is thor­oughly treated and rinsed.