Emergency Restoration Services


Emergency Restoration Services:

EMERGENCY WATER DAMAGE: We pro­vides 24 hour emer­gency water dam­age extrac­tion or restora­tion which will include water extrac­tion, clean up, pad removal, mold, mildew, deodor­iz­ing and enzyme treat­ment in most cases.

EQUIPMENT RENTAL: We also pro­vides equip­ments for rental such as fans, blow­ers, dehu­mid­i­fiers, and ozone machines in most cases.

ODOR TREATMENT: We pro­vides var­i­ous kinds of odor con­trol. Some of our removal or con­trol method will include iden­ti­fy­ing the odor source, clean­ing the area, deodor­iz­ing, fog­ging, seal­ing and ozone gen­er­a­tors in most cases.

CARPET RE-PADDING: We also pro­vides car­pet re-padding and clean­ing to affected areas in most cases.