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About Us

Best Discount Cleaning (BDC) Services offers pre­mium car­pet clean­ing, uphol­stery, jan­i­to­r­ial and floor care ser­vices to highly val­ued and pre­ferred clients. BDC Services is an inde­pen­dently family-owned and oper­ated clean­ing ser­vice in the Metro-Atlanta area of Georgia. It does not sub-contract it’s busi­ness to any third par­ties. We are licensed, bonded, and insured with highly-trained, expe­ri­enced, and ded­i­cated clean­ing crews that have under­gone thor­ough drug and back­ground screenings.

BDC is open to nego­ti­ate prices or terms of ser­vice. We have the skills, knowl­edge, and expe­ri­ence to pro­vide you with the best dis­count clean­ing services.

We at BDC Services strive to pro­vide and main­tain low-cost, nature-friendly, vis­i­bly clean, and san­i­tary envi­ron­ments for our employ­ees and our cus­tomers. And, because BDC goes “green”, we focus on clean­ing to pro­tect your health and the envi­ron­ment rather than just for appearances.

In the clean­ing ser­vice, “Quality” is a word that is fre­quently used or adver­tised but rarely put into prac­tice. At Best Discount Cleaning Service (BDC,) Quality has been the whole foun­da­tion of which our com­pany has been built. We pro­vide “Quality for Less.” We sin­cerely believe our ser­vice is sec­ond to none. Give us a try today!


Emergency/Restoration Services:

Water dam­age extrac­tion
Equipment Rental :  *  Blowers  *  Dehumidifiers *  Ozone machines
Odor treat­ment
Pad removal and repad